Following the initial Wisestate release, the company is excited to announce latest Wisestate products that will address all aspects of a building’s efficiency, from build solutions through to technical issues in providing solutions to engage with the very latest cutting edge Internet of Things and Machine Learning technologies.

Wisestate has built a team of experienced engineers who are now ready to introduce these state of the art technologies to fulfil all the energy efficiency expectations of both new and existing clients in the market. As previously stated, Wisestate delivers building automation and intelligence solutions to help building managers increase revenues and decrease costs.

Currently, Wisestate offers 2 brand new and innovative products: BOPSTEM and TRACKWISE which are focused on delivering value at all stages of a building’s lifecycle.

Following a year of intense work, continuous analysis and testing, Wisestate’s team of IoT experts developed BOPSTEM – a cutting-edge technological solution to unify all the parts of the HVAC system into a common smart network. Based on IoT technology which allows for automatic management and optimisation of entire HVAC, BOPSTEM augments operational capabilities of each individual system to achieve maximum energy efficiency. This is achieved by addressing all elements of the systems demands and variables that influence energy consumption: it enhances energy savings while ensuring absolute comfort. Based on Machine Learning technology, BOPSTEM enables predictive maintenance and remote control which allows for efficient building management by reducing costs. By detecting unexpected errors and failures of infrastructure, it prevents building managers from wasting time and allows for a better understanding what’s going on in the building which result in improved facilities management.

In response to global market´s demand for simple, speedy and powerful analytical tools, Wisestate developed Trackwise – cloud-based analytical platform which provides real-time insights into current consumption behaviour, representing it in a visually attractive and easy-to-understand graphic presentation. All of the systems are stored on a common reporting platform, which allows for the identification of faults, performance issues and constant monitoring of progress. It can be easily customised and adapted to suit individual requirements, based on what clients’ priorities are over a given time period. As a result, it  allows clients to gain access to powerful insights that were never before available  before leading to improved decision-making and efficient building management  .

Wisestate works in partnership with Quimera Energy Efficiency (QEE) – world’s leading energy efficiency service company. Wisestate supports QEE’s operations to assist clients achieve even higher energy savings within the luxury hospitality sector. Under this existing partnership, Wisestate collaborates with Hyatt Hotel Corporation in London and Melia Hotels in Barcelona and soon it plans to launch a new project in the Caribbean area. In the near future, Wisestate will launch new collaborations with facilities management companies internationally and will expand its operations into residential, commercial and business sectors.

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