Wisestate IoT Limited has been launched from London to play a leading role in the global technology market to deliver cutting edge solutions and redefine the opportunities now available in the field of building automation and intelligence.

We are sitting on the edge of artificial intelligence and automation revolution that will take us into a new technological age. Wisestate has been established with the purpose of helping building managers make the most of this technological transformation, turning their properties into intelligent ecosystems of interconnected machines while staying one-step ahead of increasing costs to reduce clients expenditure.

The Mission for Wisestate is to enable companies around the world to turn data generated on a daily basis into actionable insights on which they can make informed decision and build rational action plans. All of this is delivered in pursuit of complying with core business goals – increasing revenues and decreasing costs. Wisestate´s principal point of differentiation is its technical capability to deliver absolute customisation and flexibility of software and hardware solutions. So developing and tailoring solutions to the exact requirements of the client or specific building´s needs.

Wisestate’s Development and Design team consists of energy engineers and IoT industry experts with many years of experience in the field of facilities management. Following years of experience and dialogue with building management teams from around the globe, Wisestate engineers have identified technological gaps in building management industry and now dedicate their efforts to bridge this gap and make “Smart Buildings” not only a trend, but an easily accessible reality. Based on the Internet of Things and Machine Learning technologies, Wisestate solutions range from the whole building´s operations sensitisation & control to HVAC operations automation and predictive maintenance software – all this is offered under intelligent solutions umbrella with other solutions under development.

Wisestate collaborates with facilitates management and energy efficiency companies internationally, one of its prominent technological partnerships to date is with Quimera Energy Efficiency (QEE) – a world leading energy efficiency service company. Wisestate supports QEE´s operations to help clients achieve even higher energy savings within the luxury hospitality sector. Under the existing partnership, Wisestate collaborates with Hyatt Hotel Corporation in London and Melia Hotels in Barcelona and it plans to launch a new project in the Caribbean area shortly. The company has stablished ambitious plans to expand its operations into residential, commercial and business sectors to deliver scalable, reliable, cost-effective solutions and leading digital transformation in the building management field.

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